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Initial Yuletide Rec Set

Posted on 2014.12.31 at 21:37
Quick rec set, in no particular order alphabetical order, in under the wire before reveals. (Apologies for any typos - done in haste from my phone at a party. ETA Apologies also for failing to include the first half of the recs!)

This year I was very lucky, and ended up with 4 stories, an unusual and really well thought out take on Ma'at, a story about Cháng'é and Qīng Nŭ (neither of which I expected anyone to write!), and two drabbles based on The Prydwen Sails Again:

Beloved of Ma'at - Egyptian Mythology
Words: 1,429

At the end of the Twelfth Dynasty, Chaos threatens the Two Lands. Sobekneferu becomes Beloved of Ma'at, and plans for future Order.

Xiao-Jie, or, A Stalemate in Four Moves

劫 (jie), also called ko, is a rule in weiqi that prohibits a play if it has the effect of creating a position that had previously occurred in the game.

The End, and Afterwards - The Prydwen Sails Again (song)

The last battle is fought and lost.

Waiting for the Ravens - The Prydwen Sails Again (song)

I should have been among that company

Other Recs:

Electronic Books Unlimited - Black Books and The Hunting of the Snark
Words: 1,656

Will the future of reading belong to CD-ROMs? Probably not, but they do provide a truly immersive reading experience.

City of Salt and Time - Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell
Words: 10,856

England’s first two magicians of the modern age are somewhere near Venice.

The Moonlit Door - The Listeners, Walter de la Mare
Words: 6,120

How a knight came to the house of the Shadow Folk and bargained to save his father’s life, and what then became of him.

Inugami Monogatari - Maiden Rose
Words: 3,491

Christmas, 1916

My dearest Klaus and Claudia —

I pray that this letter finds you both well, and that you are being good and dutiful children for your mother and father.

Your father has written to me of your recent voyage to the Eastern Country, and said you enjoyed the visit greatly. I am sorry that I cannot visit you at Christmas-time this year, but in my place I am sending you a volume of fairy-stories from the East, translated and retold in our own tongue for the delight and edification of children of the West like yourselves. I hope that both of you will cherish it for many years to come as a memento of your happy days abroad.

With all of my love,

Uncle Hartmann

Psmith and Jackson, RFC - Psmith
Words: 1,089

Cricket and dancing in the officers' mess.

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